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The Secret Life of Opportunity

Opportunity is sneaky.

We're told to watch for it. We're told that success happens when preparation and opportunity meet.

This is true.

But the thing no one ever tells you is how to spot opportunity when it arrives.

Maybe it's…

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In certain disciplines such as philosophy and systems theory, there's a concept called emergence.

Emergence occurs when the entirety of a thing has properties the individual parts don't possess on their own. It's the synergy of a system, the…

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Off Goes a Piece and Nevermind the Dust



You chisel me out

leaning odd block of marble I am

maybe not marble

maybe granite

maybe sandstone

or soapstone

maybe a different stone

each day of the week

some days alabaster

some days all-a-bastard

some days reluctant and groaning

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A new collection of poems and illustrations.